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What is Paulownia

We're focused on growing the Paulownia seedlings. The company is ready to share our knowledges well worth acquiring and appropriate tools for the exploitation of natural resources. We use the latest know-how to obtain easily accessible recoverable energy sources friendly to the countryside in our environment.

For our business we have chosen fast growing plants Paulownia due to a wide range of business opportunities for our customers and clients. Paulownia is a fast-growing tree used for the commercial production of environmentally friendly biomass wood fuel. Paulownias, as the fastest growing biomass trees, are perfect for energy plantation enterprise. Besides Paulownia timber is easy to work, light, fine-grained, soft, warp-resistant, does not deform. It is used for furniture parts, boxes or crates, floating structures and musical instruments. Studies have shown that Paulownia foliage is an excellent source of ethanol due to low resin content.

We provide the professional advice to customers before buying the Paulownia seedlings and their subsequent cultivation activities.

ZENERGO Paulownia is growing company, still gaining the favour of their customers and clients. Henceforward we invest purposefully in order to meet the increasing requirements of permanent customers and as well as new customers' requirements.


rapidly growing agricultural crop


investment in renewables


eco house heating


energy independence


quick return on investment